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Their family relationship is very dysfunctional. They (particularly Arthur and Francis, and Alfred and Arthur) bicker a lot, tease each other, throw a punch here and there, and generally get under each others’ skin. But when it comes down to it, they’re still a family, and they know that they all love each other despite what they say or do. And if one of them gets hurt, the other three are guaranteed to come help in whatever way they can. It’s just how they roll.

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Alfred doesn’t remember their family. He doesn’t remember anything before his revolution. Not even his parents’ love. 

Mattie does though. He even slips sometimes and calls Francis ‘papa’.

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When Arthur and Francis were raising Matthew and Alfred they were always competing for the affection of the two little North American nations. Alfred always liked England more and Matthew got along better with Francis. Though, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love the other less.

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Alfred and Francis are secretly really big Dr. Who fans. They would tell Arthur, but they think he’d just tease them.

Arthur just wishes they would watch a few episodes with him.

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